Crushed and screened - Unexpanded

Unexpanded perlite production involves the mining, crushing and screening of perlite ore. It is the most common form demanded, given the convenience of its compressed volume for shipment. Most buyers will then expand the product at their own facilities making significant savings on transport costs.

Our unexpanded perlite undergoes an extremely accurate screening process allowing for a low percentage of material outside the specified grain sizes. Furthermore due to suction undergone by our ore in the production process through multiple cyclones the final product has a remarkably low percentage of the undesired ultra-fine minerals.


Expanded perlite is produced when the grains are heated at temperatures of upto 900° allowing the perlite ore to expand upto 30 times its original volume.

The expansion process allows for a variety of uses, served to the purposes of construction, agriculture and filtration. Expanded perlite holds multiple characterstics ideal for such industrial uses through its lightweight nature, fireproof properties and the suitability to be mixed with other products; being widely used in construction industries as an element for heat and sound insulation of walls, ceilings and flooring.

Products TDS
0,074-0,300 mm
0,074-0,600 mm
0,150-0,600 mm
0,300-0,600 mm
0,600-1,200 mm
1,200-2,400 mm